3 Top Stocks With Massive Insider Buying

Management doesn’t buy its own stock by accident…

Management never buys and sells the stock of their own company by accident. Almost all company information is easily accessible to CEOs and CFOs of the largest companies on the planet. 

The fact is that insider trading isn’t always illegal. More times than not, as long as key rules are followed, insiders can buy and sell at will. 

Best of all, corporate insiders have to report any and all trades they make. And, since they’re almost always acting in their financial self-interest, these moves on their own can be valuable pieces of information regarding the future of a stock. 

Below are 3 stocks we’ve identified with large increases in insider buying we think are worth a closer look.

Stock #1 – Occidental Petroleum $OXY

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When oil and gas are running as wild as it is currently due to the war in Ukraine, lack of domestic production, and more, you almost certainly know that you’ll cash out on investment into an oil and natural gas company. 

Occidental Petroleum focuses on multiple segments: Chemical, Oil and Gas, and Midstream and Marketing. Within the oil and gas segment specifically, the company develops, explores, and produces oil, condensate, natural gas liquids, and natural gas. 

The insider details: 

  • The percentage change of shares bought by management: +357%.
  • Within whale activity, 224 whales have increased positions. 
  • In Q1, $106.556 million was the company’s directors and management’s quarterly net insider trading. OXY has an off-exchange trading volume of 17,375,242.
  • OXY had a reported lobbying spending instance on April 28, 2022, in which they spent $40,000 for issues surrounding Budget/Appropriations Energy/Nuclear Taxation/Internal Revenue Code.

Stock #2 – Paramount Global Class $PARA

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As the competition for live streaming services heats up, it’s no doubt executives at Paramount are placing their bets on their own company. Paramount is the new name for CBS All Access. It transformed the at-home experience by adding channels such as MTV, BET, CBS, Comedy Central, and more. 

When compared to competitors, Paramount offers an amazing price package with starting prices at $6/mo. For an ad-supported subscription and ad-free streaming available for $10/mo. 

The insider details: 

  • The percentage change of shares bought by management: +101%.
  • In Q2, $645,764 was the quarterly net insider trading by the company’s directors and management.

Stock #3 – Coinbase $COIN

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Crypto markets are currently shedding value like a dog sheds fur. However, it seems the Coinbase executives are very confident in the bounceback crypto may possibly have. Coinbase specifically was once trading above $250, so those in high commands must really be pushing for something great to come. 

Coinbase is a fintech company that provides financial infrastructure and technology for cryptocurrencies. The Company offers a financial account for the crypto economy, institutions a marketplace with liquidity for transacting in crypto assets, and ecosystem partners’ technology and services that enable them to build crypto-based applications and accept crypto assets as payment.

The insider details: 

  • The percentage change of shares bought by management: +206%. 
  • In Q2, $1.12 million was the company’s directors and management’s estimated quarterly net insider trading. 
  • Within whale activities, 261 whales have increased their stake in Coinbase. 
  • COIN has an off-exchange trading volume of 4,214,295.
  • COIN had a reported lobbying spending instance on May 27, 2022, in which they spent $20,000 for issues surrounding Financial Institutions/ Investments/ Securities.

Your Bottom Line:

Not all of your trading indicators have to come from the various Bloomberg terminals. To get a slight edge, all you have to do is pay attention to those with the most company insights. Pay attention to, and pick up on the trends in which they’re trading within their own companies.


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