Inflation Nation: Big Money Betting on 1 Asset to Save Their Portfolios

Big name investors are investing in this asset to save themselves from the incoming recession…

Gold has a track record of outperforming the total market and a track record of keeping families and their wealth safe in times of uncertainty. In the last 20 years alone Gold has massively outperformed the S&P 500 seeing returns of upwards of 575%+.

In the 1970s, Gold started at just $35 an ounce (shown in the chart below). It eventually hit a benchmark of a nearly 25-fold increase. Keep in mind the stagflation that took place in the 70s is eerily similar to that of the economic uncertainty we face now:

  • You already pay more at the register, but buy less with your dollar…
  • Gas is as high as $8 at the pump in California, and skyrocketing nationwide. From 1973 to 1975, crude prices doubled leading to high inflation and a recession for countries that imported large amounts of oil (sound familiar?)…
  • The threat of cold homes and sky-high energy bills this winter is very, very real

Ray Dalio has been a long-time proponent of Gold. He continuously says “cash is trash,” and the truth of the matter is that this is bullet-proof logic. Many Americans are unprepared for what is to happen to the United States’ current economic situation and this neglect of action will lead to some watching their savings dwindle away

The 1970s showed the world what investment in Gold can return in the right situation. Imagine if you had the opportunity to make 12X times your money (or more) during a time in which Americans are running around like headless chickens. To make sure you don’t make the financial mistake of your parents, we have gathered a detailed, easy, and fast way to defend and grow your savings from the uncertainty of inflation with Gold

One Nation, Under Inflation

At this moment the US national debt exceeds $30Trillion. Yes, you read that right. $27 TRILLION.

Government bureaucrats know the only way out of this $30 Trillion-dollar hole is one thing: printing money.

And that means anyone with a bank account or retirement savings is facing a possible erosion of wealth in the years ahead. In 2008, millions of Americans like you and me lost over 50% of their IRA/401(k) almost overnight. 

Fortunately, there’s something you can do. There is a rule in the tax code that could help you not only protect but also GROW your wealth.

For a free 39-page Strategic Guide on how YOU can take advantage of this lucrative IRS rule, click here.

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